The Story of CSC!

The Story of CSC!

Creating a show about cars and their owners was a dream come true. As a car enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the stories behind these beautiful machines. From the classic muscle cars of the 60s to the sleek and futuristic electric vehicles of today, each car has a unique history and personality.

I decided to turn my passion into a reality by creating a show that would give viewers a glimpse into the world of car culture. I wanted to showcase not just the cars themselves, but also the people who own and love them.

The first step in creating the show was to come up with a concept. I knew I wanted to focus on the stories of car owners and their unique relationships with their vehicles. I also wanted to include a variety of cars, from vintage to modern, to appeal to a wide audience.

Next, I had to find a way to finance the show. I reached out to sponsors and investors, pitching my concept and explaining why it would be a valuable addition to the world of car programming. After months of hard work, I was able to secure the funding I needed to get the show off the ground.

With the funding in place, I set out to find the perfect team to help bring my vision to life. I assembled a talented group of producers, videographers and editors who shared my passion for cars and storytelling.

The first season of the show has been a huge success. Viewers loved the personal stories and the wide variety of cars featured on the show. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Starting my own show about cars was a challenging but rewarding experience. It allowed me to combine my love for cars with my passion for storytelling and share it with the world. I am excited to continue the journey and bring more amazing car stories to the screen. Thank you for supporting Cars, Shops and Collections!

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I was looking at you’re posting and saw the 1974 Spirt of America Knowing there was 14000 made I haven’t seen many online I also have one, bought it new in 1974 still have it in storage 42000 miles on it.Only take it to some car shows in the summer .It was just cool seeing another one out there and the excitement you had looking and riding in it so very cool!!!!!

Richard Salvo

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