EPIC ENGINE SWAPS! Velocity Customs!

In episode 99 of ‘cars, shops & collections’ we meet Miguel Perez the owner of Velocity Customs.

Miguel is the mastermind behind Velocity Customs, where engine swaps are elevated to an art form. Get ready to witness two stunning builds: A 1968 Camaro SS and a 1970 K5 Blazer.

Miguel honed his skills under his father's tutelage during his upbringing in Mexico. Starting with the simple task of cleaning carburetors for his father, Miguel's journey evolved into a global enterprise, shipping builds worldwide. Miguel and his team are a shining example of the entrepreneurial spirit in action!

Miguel learned his craft from his father while growing up in Mexico. From his humble beginnings clean out carburetors for his father to shipping builds around the world, Miguel and his success are the epitome of the entrepreneur spirit!


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